A quiche is good at anytime of the day : a hearty breakfast, a light lunch or an dinner's appetizer. We make our custardy tarts with seasonal ingredients, and imagination as much as we can!


9" (serves up to 4 people)  $37
10" (serves up to 6 people)  $45
11" (serves up to 8 people)  $53
Individual  $7
Buffet size  $4
Cocktail sizes  $2.50

Quiche lorraine
The original, from North-East of France, and our favorite. Made with bacon, ham, gruyère cheese and a twist of rosemary. Possible addition for a "quiche royale" : prosciutto ($3).

Quiche mushrooms
Sauteed mushrooms and pecorino cheese  (in fall and winter).

Quiche figs & chèvre
Dried figs, onions compote and goat cheese.

Quiche spinach & ricotta
Sauteed spinach and ricotta cheese.

Quiche salmon & leeks
$2.50 - $50
Smoked salmon, sauteed leeks, cream cheese.

Quiche Broccoli & blue
Steamed Broccoli and gorgonzola cheese.

Quiche Ratatouille
Tomato, colored peppers, zucchini, onions, feta cheese (in summer).

Quiche asparagus  & orange
Asparagus and orange zests  (in spring).

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