We came to New York with our books of recipes for traditional French cakes, the ones that we grew up eating on Sunday's family reunions or for our birthdays : Paris-Brest, millefeuille (aka Napoleon), Saint-Honoré, fraisier...  And here, we discovered the American classics, layering cake with tasty cream, and covered in even more cream (this is you, red velvet!), or simply paying homage to the simplicity of cream cheese (we love cheesecake...). We decided to combine both on our menu, intertwining our techniques and our favorite flavors. We call it our twist.



Gâteaux de voyage

Designed cake for your special event

We make seasonal cakes for any special event (wedding, baby, bridal showers, birthday, anniversary...). Consider also a colorful buffet of small pastries or various tarts ! Please contact us for details.

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