Pistache is the dream of Noémie and Christine.

Noémie & Christine met at culinary school in Paris in 2011.

There, they bonded over a mutual love for New York and New Yorkers. They shortly honored that love by moving to the Big Apple and marrying two handsome locals! These men became the first to taste the delicious creations of Christine and Noémie; then came friends, and now, you. 

And so the artisanal bakery Pistache NYC is born, two years later, named for the exotic pistachio, a nut both women adore roasted, whole, crushed or powdered, nested in a chocolate cake or sprinkled on salads.

Our common desire : to offer a distinctive line of simple yet refined homemade treats, both savory and sweet, mixing French techniques and traditional recipes with the cultural melting pot of New York City, and a belief in natural, healthy cooking. In the meantime, we are excited to answer modern New Yorkers’ demand for fresh, seasonal and creative food. Therefore, we prepare our products from scratch (in our kitchen in Sunset Park), using the best ingredients we can find, organic and local whenever possible. We use the ripest fruits and vegetables in season, always keeping an eye on the scale when it comes to sugar and salt.

Pistache NYC, Industry City, Brooklyn

(646) 207 9390 - pistachenyc@gmail.com

©2014 Pistache NYC

Credit for all the pictures on this site : Stéphanie Beauval-Cheng, www.delicatesseny.com